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EmpireTech Active Deterrence Camera Release

by MoeSusan 11 Mar 2024
EmpireTech Active Deterrence Camera Release

What is TiOC?

TiOC, short for Three-in-One Camera, offers full-time protection before, during, and after an event with our smart and innovative integration of Smart Dual Light technology, Active Deterrence, and AI.


Key Features

Smart Illumination Mode: Switch Illuminators through AI

Smart Illumination Mode adopts deep learning algorithm to detect targets (human and vehicle). The advantage of TiOC PTZ is the auto tracking 3.0. When the target triggered the IVS rule, the TiOC PTZ will tracks the target and turns on the siren and red and blue lights.


IR illuminator is on at night.

 White light turns on when a target appears to record full- color images. 

Siren and light turns on (Active Deterrence) to warn the target, and the PTZ tracks the target.

When the target disappears, white light turns off (PTZ back to preset), and IR illuminator turns back on.


Active Deterrence with Red & blue Light

Built-in red-blue light and and speaker. Based on deep learning algorithm , it can warn off intruders in time through red-blue alarm when the intruder approach.

Pan & Tilt

Rotate to preset position automatically based on time set to monitor different scenarios.

Auto Tracking 3.0 (PTZ)

Smooth Tracking Process

Combined with PFA 3.0 algorithm (a deep fusion of intelligent algorithms and focusing algorithms), it realizes touchless focusing during the tracking and capturing process.


Long Tracking Distance

With the Automatic Tracking 2.0 algorithm as its foundation, the requirements on the tracking size of the target are further reduced, making the target size smaller and the tracking distance longer. The tracking distance of Automatic Tracking 3.0 can reach up to 870 meters.



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