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EmpireTech 4MP Indoor Fixed-focal Wi-Fi Network PT Camera

by MoeSusan 12 Apr 2024
EmpireTech 4MP Indoor Fixed-focal Wi-Fi Network PT Camera

With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in consumer needs, the security camera market is facing diversified demands. After a series of innovations and research, the EmpireTech Wireless series cameras not only achieve simple installation and operation, but also have excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. By adopting the latest wireless technology, users can easily install and use the camera without cumbersome wiring, making it truly wireless. In addition, the camera is also equipped with functions such as automatic tracking, human detection, privacy mode, two-way calling, intelligent dual-light, and active deterrence. These cameras are widely used in small and medium-sized scenes such as small retail stores.

The intelligent functions of wireless cameras ensure the safety and convenience of monitoring, provide users with more personalized services, and meet the diverse needs and actual needs of users.

See Everything Clearly

HD resolution and advanced night vision provide clear recordings around the clock, creating the perfect partner to guard your space.

Super Clear Image with More Details

The camera records in high-definition, providing clearer and brighter images without missing any details.

Super Clear Image Even at Night

The camera is equipped with a built-in IR light, enabling the security camera to record high-quality images in total darkness, allowing you to see more clearly at might.

Focuseson Target, Saves Labor Costs

The human detection feature stays alert and detects real-time human movement in a specific area. It promptly notifies your phone if any activity occurs.

Traces the Path of the Target

Human targets are detected and tracked, providing their movement path to keep you well-informed.

Protects Your Privacy

Masking can be performed through DMSS by lowering the camera to effectively protect people's privacy.

Communication Anytime, Anywhere

Convenient for remote communication, you can talk through the built-in speaker and microphone and enjoy real-time video through DMSS anytime.

Diversified Storage

Video is easily stored and accessed through SD card, NVR, and Cloud.

Advanced H.265 Compression Technology

Compared to H.264, the latest H.265 video compression technology reduces network bandwidth by 50%, saves 50% storage space, and improve video transmission speed by 50%.

Easy to Install

Even if you've never used a EmpireTech Wireless IR Network Camera before, you can still install it easily. Professional wiring is not required, and it can be placed anywhere and moved as needed. It can be placed on a desktop or mounted on the ceiling.

Easy to Use

Functions in DMSS app are easily accessible to you and can be remotely connected.


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